6. 60

A video installation presented during the Performance Art Week at Palazzo Bembo in Venice
        “60” represent a reflection around the theme of the 2012 Venice Performance Art Week: “hybrid-body, poetic-body”.
In this work, the hybridization lies in its being the case and collection of images produced by different people, by different bodies. Every person produced an image by breathing on a glass support.

        The breaths are the protagonist of a short stop-motion that was exposed as a video projection, within the exhibition at the Palazzo Bembo. The sixty people that interacted in this work helped me in the fulfillment of the product by giving me their breath.

            Every breath condensed the water vapor of the nose on the glass and created a form.

006a    extract from the video

        The breath is a sign of life. A human body is alive when it breathes. If it’s not breathing the body doesn’t live anymore and therefore ceases to be a body, turning into a corpse. The vitality of the human body lies in the operations of its organs and in its consequent being engaged in the world. The breath is the clearest evidence of life because it leaves a visible trace. I wanted to emphasize that traceability by documenting a series of breaths that are following each other, generating and deleting themselves without revealing any identity.

006b    the video installed
006c    the video installed