3. Adopt a Walk

An action performed for Tetra Gamma Circulaire,
the second Special Issue of the Xpub course of the Piet Zwart Institute

            Adopt a Walk is an audio-guide of an performative-experiment of gait analysis. The piece is part of the experimental publication “Tetra Gamma Circuilaire” developed during the 2nd trimester of my Master in collaboration with De Player. The term gait analysis describes the study of walking patterns as used by new surveillance biometric technologies. During the performance people are asked to walk following a series of spoken instructions. The walks are stored temporarily on a page where you’re invited to adopt a walk of another person.
           Have you ever tried to identify someone by the way they walk? Surveillance technologies are using homogenic perception of human beings as a model for their mechanics.
            With this experiment you’re suggested to observe characteristics of other walks and adopt them. In adopting a different walk do you become someone else?
            Will it be you or someone else’s identity that is detected by these surveillance algorithms?