5. Rotterdam 2050

An event organized in the Poortgebouw as discussion on the future of the city of Rotterdam,
in collaboration with Emma Panini

        Rotterdam 2050 is a platform for discussion about the future of the city organized by WDKA student in the Poortgebouw, Rotterdam based community and cultural association. During the evening we organized an “anti-profit” dinner, a lecture and a series of games to be played. Every Wednesday in the Poortgebouw, we are used to serve a meal for a few euro (or for a “pay how much do you want” formula). On that day the selection of the menu came together with the topic of the project: “Analyse the city of now, de-construct it with the people and reinvent the system and the future”.

            I used the left over vegetables of the market of Blaak in combination with the three most produced and consumed products of the worlds: rice, corn and wheat to present a possible future of food consumption.
            I wanted to speculate on a future where the scarcity of resources will be transformed in new ways of producing the basic materials of our nutrition and new ways of consuming and choosing how to supply our lifestyles.
            From re-discovering our old ingredients to skipping food.

005a corn
005b rice
005c wheat

            To present the menù, I’ve created a poster with a Google-images chain, one of my favorite game.
            I started with the word corn, then rice and at the end wheat and I saved the first image.
            I upload the image on Google images search and I saved the first image of the second row of images. I did the same thing again but saving the first image of the third raw, and so on.
            I did it twenty times but It could have been continued indefinitely.

005d skipped veggies

005e the dish

005f Economy of crisis game (made by Emma Panini)

005g lecture on ethical banking
005h the Poortgebouw Eetcafé

005i   Christaan Broekman, lecture on ethical banking