3. TAB Zine

The Zine of The Temporary Autonomous Bureau, made in collaboration with Angeliki Diakrousi and Alice Strete 

            For the closing event, “Anatomy of Autonomy”, we made a zine as an extract of the research we developed during the three-months project in TENT Rotterdam.
The moments of research was fundamental to our understanding, and for producing comprehensible outputs for our inquiry. We asked ourselves how could we represent, translate and manipulate the informations that we shared during our meetings and public events. For this purpose, from the beginning of the program, we decided to record parts of the conversations and discussions we staged.
The collected data, which sometimes takes the form of random words or chaotic sentences, is translated in this little publication as a collage of different voices. They represent the voices of the people who helped and supported our research by answering our questions and by revealing their experiences of dealing with the policies of the city while promoting alternative models for cultural production.

            It was our interest to explore dissent as a form of discussion which can trigger productive change. As the artist Jeanne Van Heeswijk reminded us during our conversation, it is our responsibility to promblematize the negotiation with the municipal policies, from neighborhood political agendas to application for subsidies.