2. Unlearning the Rules of Collectivity

My Master Thesis, printed at the American Book Center of Amsterdam, with the Espresso Book Machine

            Unlearning the Rules of Collectivity is a research project that studies practices of collaboration for art and education models and existent communities. In the thesis, there is an interest in looking at the meaning of community and cooperation, and in rethinking these concepts in different terms. My proposal is to introduce different values that would aim to create a balance between individuals and their natural competitive forces, and the collective, with a need for community and cooperation. The research explores a variety of possibilities and values which calls for a need for balance.
            What can we learn to contribute in building a balanced idea of what cooperation is?

            Beginning with the obligation of giving oneself to “the other” and the importance of contact and proximity for social formation in community. I then read into how rituals are shaped by collaborating with each other. Despite the differences of being united, it is important to live in contact with people by giving importance to cultural diversity. I then look into the possible propositions of living alternatives by negotiating with existing policies.
             I propose the initiative of unlearning predefined concepts in interaction, and finally, the importance that conflict brings in order to shape our idea of community. All of these concepts lead the research through exploring multiple possibilities for creating collectively this balance.
            Some of the possibilities are explored with the project The Temporary Autonomous Bureau, which forms the main research ground for my graduation project.